Qu’importe ce qu’en fait le vent …
26.05.21 – 19.06.21
Galerie des jours de lune – Metz (FR) 


Curator Viviane Zenner 

Wax fabric, lace, rope, woven hair, coloured wool threads – Photo Viviane Zenner, 2021

Aida’s work takes us back to the “djed” pillar that in Egypt was a stylized representation of a flowering tree. It confronts us with a vertical structure enriched and made up of bundles of stems reminiscent of the plant that also want to play a role in fertility rites. It is through the artist’s experience that this necklace sublimates the body, materials and events.

This necklace takes us on a journey between different customs, traditions and cultural rites. Symbols of worship, aesthetic and symbolic issues through its materials; wax from Senegal, the blue gold of the Tuaregs, the mixing of blond and black hair, the colored threads in which metal rods are hidden. The festivities are honored, they contribute to weaving links between peoples.

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