Legacies of Power

Présélection – Biennale de Yogyakarta, Indonésie – 2014
Installation Aïda Schweitzer
Curateur: Yayasan / Collectif Ruangrupa

‘Chicomo for President’ embodies the symbol of a new power, heralding a new era and renewed hope. »

« The question of the validity of people’s sovereignty lies at the heart of our contemplati on. Is it still a tangible reality, or has it become an empty term used to conceal a fierce battle between opposing factions? The challenge of reimagining the forms and processes that could genuinely restore the people’s sovereignty, especially concerning the integrity of the voting process. This installation features a sealed and hard-to-access box. It encourages the viewer to question democratic legitimacy, scrutinize its actual form, and grasp its vulnerability. Behind the ideal assertion of equality, a very real inequality lurks. The audience is invited to break through this wall, shatter the silence, and make their voices heard. ‘1965-2014’ evokes the collective unconscious and the struggles, both past and present, those who have fallen in the name of democracy…

The Sabungan Performance
I will move around the venue as a ‘rooster’ and encourage the audience to react to the issue that is currently taking place as well as the status of women in indonesian politics using a dictaphone, thereby confronting the audience to a territory reserved for men such as rooster fights.

Further I will recite fragments of speeches from top of the list leaders and praise my merits, both in indonesian and french, the latter being incomprehensible for most of the audience thus raising questions about an uncertain future in which all hope is permitted.

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