From 25 March 2023, the AAPL is inaugurating a new series of meetings and exchanges between artists,and we believe that mutual support and knowledge sharing are also part of the toolbox that the AAPL wishes to make available to professional and aspiring artists.
We have invited artists from the AAPL to come and talk about their artistic journeys, the challenges and opportunities they have encountered and how these have shaped their careers.
Participants are invited to ask questions and confront each other!
To be inspired.
To learn from others’ mistakes.
To discover new paths.To meet other artists.

The first meeting
Guest artist : Aïda Schweizer
When: Saturday 25 March from 5 to 7 pm
Where: AAPL offices, 9 rue Auguste Lumière, Luxembourg
Who: AAPL members only

🧿Association des artistes plasticiens du Luxembourg